The results of Stichting HUMANE

Supplying energy-related tools – Baas B.V.

Since March 2022, energy specialist Baas B.V. has been collecting resources to provide our local aid workers in Ukraine and Romania with energy-related resources. The first shipment of these resources has already arrived. We are extremely happy with this donation and we are sure that the resources and equipment will be very welcome.

Delivery of medical supplies from Auping and Trixon, among others

The second truck full of resources is ready and is on its way to Botosani, Romania. Thanks to Verhoek (who supplied the truck) and Jobtrans (where storage and transhipment took place) we can load the last 100 mattresses from our sponsor Auping, together with medical supplies and laptops. We are extremely grateful for their fantastic help.

The truck arrived at its destination on May 6, 2022.

Delivery of relief goods from Auping, Craft, G&W and ISALA

A well-stocked truck arrived in Botosani, Romania, on April 22, 2022, with relief supplies for Ukraine. Thanks to our sponsors, we were able to deliver:

  • 210 mattresses from Auping;
  • Thermal clothing from Craft;
  • Multivitamins from G&W;
  • Face masks for hospitals;
  • And a gynecological chair and cabinets for the maternity clinic.

We are very grateful for all donations and proud that this truck, filled to the brim, has arrived safely in Romania.

Help for old people in Romania

Did you know that not only Ukraine is heavily hit by the war? Also in Romania, the war causes urgent situations. Especially the old people in and around Botosani, a region where poverty was already present before the war, suffer from food shortages, loneliness and poverty.

Therefore, our partner Grup Civic Botosani asked our help and of course, we responded. Daniel Caslariu of Grup Civic tells us: ‘Old people are brought down by illness, poverty and loneliness. Their faces show deep lines of suffering. From their eyes

Therefore, the HUMANE Foundation has transferred 1500 euro to Grup Civic to give out emergency packages to 22 older families in the municipalities of Dersca, Romania, who suffer most from this situation. Caslariu: ‘The older people cried when they saw that there were strangers who thought of them. Their gratitude made us cry as well.’

Caslariu drove together with a group of enthused volunteers to deliver the packages. He’s put the truck we’ve sponsored to good use. We are extremely touched by the effort of Civic Grup Botosani. And we’re happy to gave some hope to those who suffer from the war.

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De nieuwe vrachtwagen

Help to buy a truck

Daniel Caslariu, the initiator of our local helpline in Romania, Grup Civic, was at his wit’s end. Originally, Grup Civic helped with humanitarian aid for the elderly and poor in the outskirts of Botosani. Since the war in Ukraine, they have also been helping in and around Botosani – as well as in Ukraine – in welcoming refugees. The group helps with transportation, food, places to sleep, but Daniel came up against logistical problems. That’s why the HUMANE Foundation helped with the purchase of an additional truck. This way he can get more resources, such as the mattresses we sent from the Netherlands, to their destination.

The overcrowded bus they used to drive
– The new truck

Donation of medical equipment

Albert Schweitzer Hospital

We received a generous donation from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital that will allow us to supply emergency hospitals and the obstetrics practice we have set up in Ukraine. They provided us with: obstetric beds, incubators, heating beds, blood pressure monitors and three respirators. We are extremely grateful for this generous gesture and will be shipping the equipment to Ukraine soon.

ISALA Hospital, Zwolle

The ISALA Hospital in Zwolle was one of the first donors. Among other things, they supplied a gynecological chair and equipment for the maternity clinic. Thank you for being there from the very beginning and making a difference for pregnant women in Ukraine.

UMC Utrecht

UMC Utrecht, together with ISALA, also provided five ultra-sound systems and a mobile surgical C-arm system. We are extremely grateful for this generous donation.


Philips supports the donation of medical equipment from all three hospitals. They are also sponsoring the transport to Ukraine. The transport was made possible by a financial contribution and logistical assistance from the BOMI Group. Thank you for making sure everything is ready to go and arrives safely at its destination!

Easter Bread Campaign

Thanks to our donors, we were able to deliver 2,000 regular loaves of bread and 2,000 Easter loaves to Ukraine. Food shortages are commonplace, but especially distressing during a special holiday like Easter. That’s why we set up the ‘Put bread on the table for Easter’ campaign and eventually collected enough to have those 4,000 loaves produced and delivered to the relief area.

Donation from Trixon

Trixon, specialists in refurbished tablets, laptops and smartphones, donated 100 tablets to the HUMANE Foundation. The tablets went on transport to Romania and Ukraine the same day, so that the refugees are able to stay in touch with the outside world after leaving their homes to flee from the war. We are extremely grateful for the donation.

Donation of 310 mattresses – Auping

Auping has produced 310 mattresses for a shelter in Romania. We are extremely thankful for this generous offer. The mattresses will be transported later this month. Below you can see how necessary it was to renew the mattresses to provide the refugees from Ukraine decent shelter.

Old situation

Delivery of new mattrasses

Wecovi donation

Wecovi donates 10 pallets of disinfectant spray and 10 pallets of disinfectant wipes to the HUMANE Foundation. The spray is especially useful in medical environments where surfaces can be easily disinfected with the spray.

Romana Netea-Maier donation

Romana Netea-Maier used her appointment as Professor of Endocrine Tumors to raise money for Ukraine. In the end, the campaign raised € 1,595 in donations. We are extremely grateful for her contribution and initiative for this donation.

Aura Timen Donation

Aura Timen, former Head of the Dutch National Coordination of Infectious Disease Control, expressed the wish to accept a farewell gift in the form of a donation to the HUMANE Foundation. In the end, we were pleased to receive € 1,250. Thank you, Aura and donors!

Donatie Zwolse Rotaryclubs

The HUMANE Foundation brought three Zwolle Rotary Clubs in contact with Rotary Botosani. This led to a donation of € 9,100 to Rotary Botosani for emergency aid for Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine and Romania. The donations were converted into emergency food supplies and we took it to Romania in three phases. These shipments arrived in Romania on April 19, April 22 and May 5. We are extremely touched by the huge connection between the Rotary clubs and we thank the three Zwolle Rotary clubs for their generous donation.

V.V. Hattem campaign

During the local football derby at V.V. Hattem, the HUMANE Foundation sold bracelets for Ukraine. A bracelet costs less than a beer, but gives our donors the opportunity to support aid workers in Romania and Ukraine and to show that their thoughts and hearts are with Ukraine.

During the derby, 56 bracelets were sold! This added up to a nice amount of € 140 for the HUMANE Foundation.

Albert Heijn campaign

The deposits on bottles handed in at Albert Heijn in Hattem have been going to the HUMANE Foundation for weeks. So far, this campaign has raised € 1,493.50! We are delighted with this generous donation and thank Albert Heijn and all the people of Hattem who donated their contribution.

Yellow Blue for Blue Yellow campaign

V.V. Hattem raised 5,050 euros for Ukraine with its Yellow Blue for Blue Yellow campaign. For this they organized several activities during the match against BAS Voetbal from Biddinghuizen. We are very grateful for their efforts.

Lionsclub Hattem campaign

Lionsclub Hattem organized a wine tasting on 10 April, the proceeds of which were for the benefit of the HUMANE Foundation. They eventually collected € 2,500 for Ukraine. We are very happy with these proceeds!

Britten Concert for Peace

On Sunday, April 3, the Britten Concert for Peace was organized. All proceeds went to our foundation. They raised € 8,700 in the end! We are extremely grateful for their generous donation.

Oscar campaign

HUMANE Foundation received € 74,70 from Oscar. We are very grateful for his efforts!

Julia, Julie, Vesper and Evi campaign

Four girls from Hattem did everything they could to collect as much money as possible for the HUMANE Foundation – and therefore for the war in Ukraine. Julia, Julie, Vesper and Evi collected bottles and sold homemade bracelets, collecting and donating € 77,75.

We are extremely grateful and very happy with the contribution. We will make sure that your donation contributes quickly and directly to our help to the local aid workers in Ukraine.