What we do

We want to make an impact in crisis areas by helping local aid workers. So we have set up lifelines with Romania and Ukraine. Through this approach, we know which resources are needed and our donors can help in a targeted way. Additionally, every euro donated is put to immediate use. This is reinforced by the fact that our foundation is run entirely by volunteers and our storage and supply is organized by our sponsors. This way we have  zero % overhead and you can be sure that your euro goes directly to the people who need the help.

Our organization has three core tasks:

Maintaining contact with local aid providers

By maintaining direct contact with local, trustworthy aid workers, vetted by our local contacts, we know exactly what is needed today. They provide the aid in Ukraine and Romania. We do not. We facilitate remotely where we can. The donations that come in can therefore be used immediately, whether in the form of currency or relief supplies.

Organizing donations – both currency and relief supplies

We certainly do not wait for donors to come to us, but actively go out to bind donors to our goal. For example, entrepreneurs, clubs and people who want to organize a benefit. Having direct contact with them ensures that they know exactly what is needed and how they can make an active contribution. They also know precisely how their donations will be used.

Increasing awareness of the situation in Ukraine

In the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many relief campaigns were set up, but as the war continues, people move on with their lives. That’s logical. That’s why we help to raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine. We do this by organizing campaigns, being present at events and, for example, by selling bracelets in the colors of Ukraine. This way we ensure that the aid continues.

We will not give up. Join us!

We use donations to purchase bedding, towels, pillows, blankets, mattresses and beds. For example, for this campaign we received 300 mattresses from Auping.

Food for babies and children in orphanages and maternity hospitals

We use donations for long-term aid for food for babies and children, specifically intended for orphanages and maternity hospitals in Ukraine and Romania.

Emergency food for shelters in Ukraine and Romania

We use donations to organize emergency food for shelters in both Ukraine and Romania. We do this by collecting it in the Netherlands and sending it from here, but also by producing it in Romania.

Would you like to organize a campaign to collect donations? We can help you. For example, by telling you exactly what is needed, generating awareness for your campaign, or providing you with a HUMANE Foundation banner.

Current campaigns

We also have the following initiatives for collecting donations:

Would you like to contribute? Do you have any relief supplies that you can deliver to us? Get in touch and donate!